The Perfect Solution to Valentines Gift Madness – An easy guide on how to finally make your sweetheart happy. (Audio mp3)

Have you ever found yourself in a gift giving circumstance where you have no clue what to get the person?

Have you ever verbally beaten yourself up with the voices in your head that you ought to know this person well enough to pick a perfect gift?
The Perfect Solution To Valentines Gift Madness CD CoverAnd NOW Valentines Day is only a few days away and HOLY COW, what are you going to do?

How would you like to finally make your loved one happy with a perfect gift that is based on THEIR Human PsychologY?
At last there is a solution to finally understanding anyone that you want to buy a perfect gift for.

This is an easy, fun and informative method that helps you get the outcome that you want- The perfect Valentine Gift for anyone, Even your BOSS. How cool is that!

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Johnnie Urban is a certified Master Life Success Coach, Strategic Interventionist, speaker and author.
She works with people like you, with families, to communicate in a way that creates harmony and love at a level that other people will never understand. To have a connection so deep with your spouse, son or daughter.


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