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3D-CROPPED-Stop-The-Madness-Book-6-18-2015-179x300    Stop The Madness: How The Highly Sensitive Person Can Thrive A Chaotic World

Did you know there are ways to shift these highly sensitive ‘challenges’ into strengths? Be able live and thrive in the chaotic crisis driven world so that you can be thriving and at peace in the chaos?

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Radio / Podcast – Interviews with Johnnie M. Urban

Mari Frank, Esq.Fighting for Love Series with Host Mari Frank, Esq. – Mari Frank and Johnnie Urban
Fighting for Love & Prescriptions for Healing Conflict on 88.9 KUCI FM, Irvine, CA


Brian Hirth - CareerTalkPro!Career Talk Pro with Host, Brian Hurth – 010: Johnnie Urban a Strategic Interventionist
Tap into your own emotion about what you desire for career success. If you don’t link an emotion to what you desire, your efforts will only be temporary. If you feel great joy about something, tap into that emotion and use that fulfillment to create what you want. Find something that defines you, brings you love and joy at a deep level, and allows you to contribute can be really fulfilling.


Mari MitchellBlog Talk Radio, Dare to be Authentic with Host, Mari Mitchell – Love and Harmony in Your Relationships
Love and harmony is what everyone wants in their relationships. However, very often it is not present. Instead you have strive, arguing and stress.Join me and my special guest Johnnie Marie Urban as we talk about why we get into difficult relationships, what we can learn from them and how to create happy, healthy and loving relationships. Find out how it is possible to be in relationships where you can communicate in a way that creates harmony and love at a level that is deep, beautiful and long lasting.

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Speak Your Truth with Host, Arvee Robinson – Value of Life Coaching
Arvee Robinson, The Master Speaker Trainer interview a newly ordained Bishop, Pastor Ed Smith. Bishop Ed is the Pastor of Zoe Christian Fellowship Church and has spoken in many countries.