All the experts agree that dogs will take on the personality of their masters. Their behaviors, mannerisms and personality quirks all come from being closely connected and attached to the one person that means everything to them.

Seven years ago I decided to get another dog and a friend of mine’s mama dog had just had a litter of baby Shih tzu. I had always wanted one of these beautiful and cute dogs so I jumped on the invitation to take a look and pick one out.

I have a tried and true system for picking out my pets. I let them pick me.
My system for choosing works like this, I sit on the floor and the puppy that crawls into my lap and hangs out with me is the right one. Simple,yes?
This time that did not work. In this case all 12 puppies crawled all over me as if I was their new toy. It took me over an hour of playing with them before I chose my Princess Shadow.


I knew that my new puppy was going to be happy and loving, just look at her new “Mom”. What I didn’t know was she was going to be Highly Sensitive like her new “Mom”.

The reason I didn’t even consider this was because I didn’t know, at the time, that I was a Highly Sensitive Person, HSP. Seven years ago I didn’t even know that the term existed. Studies in the High Sensitivity in people have been going on since the early 1990’s. How is it that this escaped me? I knew from childhood that I had always been artistic, deeply feeling and empathic. What I didn’t know was that being super sensitive to loud sounds, bright lights, high and low temperatures and medications was also a trait.

Do any of these cause you to jump, cover your ears and /or want to hide somewhere?
Floor squeaks
Noisy car outside
Someone knocking on the door
Fire, Police or car alarm
Point scoring yell
Windy days
Rainy days

Even after it’s all over do you still feel:
Uncontrollable shaking

This is what Princess Shadow experiences almost on a daily basis.
We have tried holding her, loving her and distracting her. I even considered asking the vet for something to calm her down. What we found that works is to let her decide what she wants to do. That means she is usually under the sofa, peeking her little nose out, watching the world from her safe place. Giving her the time she needs to feel safe again is all she needs.
It amazes me how our animals have the natural ability to cope with stress. If we humans would just back off and let them do it.

A Solution?

Most of us do not have the luxury of being able to hide under a sofa until we feel safe. Most of us are active people that want to have an amazing life of energy and purpose. We have jobs, business’s, activities, families and friends that require us to be fully present. And I know that some of you are barely hanging on to your day to day existence of all that bombards your senses without any natural ability to be able to cope.

Yes, we could just pop a pill, but did you read the part above where I shared that I am super sensitive to drugs and medications? Most HSP are sensitive and just don’t respond well to these. My DR. has even warned me that these are allergic reactions.
I’d like to think that we are just wired differently and need to know how to have the “NATURAL ABILITY” of protecting ourselves from the onslaught of the chaotic world.

I know, because not only have I learned this myself, I have helped hundreds of Highly Sensitive People discover what it is like to have a fulfilled life using their gifts and thriving in the chaotic world.

I want you to know that there is absolute hope for you and anyone else that you might know that is struggling with their High Sensitivity traits and abilities.

How are you supposed to do ANYTHING…

…when the chaotic world OVERWHELMS your senses?

…when you DOUBT the gifts and abilities you were given?

…when you are confused about HOW to make everyday life happen?

…when you NEVER feel satisfaction that you are doing enough to actually be taken seriously?

…when you feel frustrated or worried that you’ll FAIL or make a mistake?

…when you crave fulfillment and it is always ELUSIVE?

Believe me, I’ve had my FULL share of each and every one of the things on that list.
And I want you to know that there is a way to turn it all around so that you will have a natural ability to thrive in the chaos of life.

Choose a day and time that works best for you at => Click here to sign up for your 60 min. STOP THE MADNESS Complimentary Session.

I  look forward to hearing from you,

Johnnie Urban

Strategic Interventionist

Coaching Highly Sensitive People How To Thrive In A Chaotic World

Direct – 714-403-9256

About Johnnie M. Urban

Rev. Johnnie Marie Urban is an Author, Speaker, Workshop facilitator. Founder of Wonderful Life Learning Co. a Christian based Life Success Coaching & Consulting Company specializing in teaching the Highly Sensitive People how to thrive in the chaotic world. This is where people come to uncover and explore what their HSP talents and abilities are so that you can have a fulfilled life without the worries of exhaustion and overwhelm. Certified Strategic Interventionist, Master Life & Business Success Coach, MNLP, MHt. MTT. Christian counselor, Wife, Mother, Grandma, friend and a Highly Sensitive Person.

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