Heavenly Sleep for Sensitive People Audio CD

Sleep is an important part of the process of life. Especially for Highly Sensitive People. It’s a biological need that restores, rejuvenates and heals.

So many of us have lives that are full of life, work, family and fun that makes it increasing difficult to get the full rejuvenating sleep that our bodies need. Heavenly Sleep quiets the mind, releases the tension and allows your body to enter into the pattern of sleep easily and effortlessly.

You may listen to this CD as often as you like however, for best results listen every day for 30 days.

I created this audio because hypnotherapy is one of the most effective and natural ways to create a life you desire.

Self hypnosis works by aligning your conscious mind and the unconscious mind. When this occurs magical things happen. Enjoy, from my heart to yours.

WARNING; It is important that you do not listen to this while driving. By design it is meant to relax you and drowsiness will cause an unsafe driving hazard.

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