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I’ve been hard at work creating an audio program that will be a stepping stone for anyone that has the desire to learn more about the Highly Sensitive trait.

The program will be for the person who either knows they are Highly Sensitive, is not sure, and wants more information and also for anyone that has a loved one or friend who is an HSP and wants to better understand them.

These are the notes I created as a result of one topic that might be part of the program.

Comments and Requests Appreciated

Please feel free to leave a comment. Especially if you have any requests of topics you’d like to see in the audio program.


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The term Highly Sensitive or HSP was coined by Elaine Aron through her research in the early 1990’s.
Even though that was over 20 years ago I often run into people that have never heard of it and even misunderstand the traits of a highly sensitive person as a person who is overly sensitive.

Though they are often mistaken for one another high sensitivity and hypersensitivity are entirely different.

Biological or Emotional Fragility?

Being highly sensitive is a biological predisposition. that means it is a trait that you are born with. Just like the color of your skin, the type of hair you have or how tall you are.

Hypersensitivity is best described as emotional fragility.
Anyone at any time can have a moment of hypersensitivity! Even a highly sensitive person.

Hypersensitivity can come from a child’s inability to regulate their emotions by not being able to use their most powerful part of their brain, where they process all their feelings. Most healthy children will grow into this as they mature by the time they are 25 years old.
Yet, sometimes we may experience a hypersensitive person beyond the age of 25. Perhaps this is due to a traumatic incident or experience in their life OR it could be that never got the support they needed as a child to be able to self regulate their emotions.

That’s the difference between high sensitivity and hypersensitivity. The former is biologically based and the later is a reflection of one’s emotional skill set.

Out Numbered!

Research shows that an HSP shares the traits with 20% of the population.

That fact alone says we are literally outnumbered.


A good description is that we are more sensitive to environmental stimuli that others. HSP’s are especially sensitive to subtle stimuli that other people don’t notice. Such as sounds, smells, uncomfortable clothing, certain foods and picking up on other peoples emotional states.

Unique Individuals

What I have found in my years of teaching and coaching is that HSP’s may have similar traits but that are still uniquely different individuals.

Some HSP’s will be totally annoyed by the hum of a fan, whereby I find the rhythm hypnotic and calming.

Like any predisposition, high sensitivity is a mixed bag. I happen to be sensitive to other people’s energetic emotions. It’s what contributes to why I am not only empathetic toward my clients but also I can see their unresourceful behaviors that stop them from having the life they desire.

The downside is that it can be very tiring if I don’t consciously turn it off when I am in a crowd of people.

3e3b0a5846f7d1f2afee5fbe2d21bdb8A Higher Awareness

It’s true that being a Highly Sensitive Person tends to make a person more perceptive of other peoples moods. That perception can contribute to hurt feelings simply because the Highly Sensitive Person has more emotional information to sort through.

But being a Highly Sensitive Person doesn’t mean a person is emotionally frail.
AND That’s good news for all of us Highly Sensitive People.




“We are what we were born with,
What we learn and
What we choose to do with it.”

Johnnie Urban, Strategic interventionist, life coach and a highly sensitive person.

Founder of Wonderful Life Learning #wonderfullife


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Teaching Highly Sensitive people who struggle with overwhelm yet desire peace in the chaotic world.
As a result of our time together they experience personal breakthroughs and thrive in their personal and business environment.


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Rev. Johnnie Marie Urban is an Author, Speaker, Workshop facilitator. Founder of Wonderful Life Learning Co. a Christian based Life Success Coaching & Consulting Company specializing in teaching the Highly Sensitive People how to thrive in the chaotic world. This is where people come to uncover and explore what their HSP talents and abilities are so that you can have a fulfilled life without the worries of exhaustion and overwhelm. Certified Strategic Interventionist, Master Life & Business Success Coach, MNLP, MHt. MTT. Christian counselor, Wife, Mother, Grandma, friend and a Highly Sensitive Person.

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