How To Attract Clients By Being A Sensitive-Authentic Public Speaker

*Are you missing out on a TON of business because you’re not speaking in front of prospects?

*Are you a Highly Sensitive Person, heart centered, therapist, coach, body/energy worker, spirit guide and enlightened entrepreneur that want to grow your business with public speaking but are deathly afraid and don’t how to get started.

  • Do you want to be an authority in your industry?
  • Are you already speaking but are not getting the results you want.
  • Are you ready to take your public speaking skills to a new level?
  • Do you want to get your authentic message out to the world?

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Launch Date:  Spring 2018

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This online course is for someone that;


  • Has let fear get in their way to being fully authentic when speaking.
  • Has the desire to use public speaking as a way to market their product or service to increase their income.
  • Has a passionate message to share with the world.



Authentic Public Speaker Training For The Highly Sensitive Person

As marketing guru Simon Sinek said in his famous TED talk, “people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it; what gets you out of bed in the morning.”

Satisfaction GuaranteedI work with Heart Centered Sensitive Coaches and Healers who are deathly afraid of public speaking.

I teach them how to speak authentically so they can easily get more clients.

As a Highly Sensitive Person I found that some trainings and programs actually made my attempts to learn and be successful worse. I actually quit speaking altogether until I created a system that worked for me and I want to share this with you.

I was Terrified
After I was asked to give a speech at the end of my senior year of high school, I was honored, excited and terrified. If I remember right I believe that I wrote it out and read it, word for word, from the paper. Glad it was over and elated that the people in the audience actually liked it. But that’s not all…

In my heart
I wish I had stayed with public speaking. That first positive successful memory of the number one fear for most people have always given me a warm feeling in my heart even to this day. But that’s not all…

May of 2008 is when I officially launched my coaching business. I had all the training I needed to succeed, or so I thought. Whenever someone asked me what I did I would answer “I coach people”.  That was it and after a year I was wondering why I was not getting any clients. I decided that I need help-fast.

Johnnie Teaching to Group

Johnnie Teaching To Participants.

Blew out my fears
Included in one of my NLP coach trainings was a segment about public speaking. It literally blew out all my fears about speaking in front of people.

A year later I took another advanced course and got even better.

Heart Broken
It breaks my heart to see so many heart centered, sensitive healers unable to connect with their audience so that  their message can really be heard. They get up in front of the room, nervous, and attempt to deliver a 3 minute introduction that falls flat.

Today I enjoy teaching groups of Heart Centered Entreprenures and speaking at events.

Not bad for a Highly Sensitive Person

This is why I teach Public Speaking For The Highly Sensitive Person

So that they can authentically delivery their message and enjoy doing it.

Here are a just few examples of results my clients have experienced:

Leisa Reid

“I’m excited, I’m jazzed and I can’t thank Johnnie enough. So if you’re thinking about upping your game in the speaking industry I highly recommend working with Johnnie Urban.”
-Leisa Reid, Productive Learning
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Russell Burns“This was a very significant class for me because usually when I spoke it was like from a written script and I get so uptight about it that I lost myself in the way I spoke.
Now I feel like it could be natural like that person that I’d like being can come out and you’ve given me that permission and I thank you so much for that.”
-Russell Burns

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Michelle Wozniak“I’ve always had a passion since I was a little kid and knowing that I wanted to be a speaker and really do workshops and seminars and but I have some limiting beliefs and things that are kind of holding me back. Especially the nervousness.
After taking Johnnie’s course I feel a lot better about being my authentic self because that is something that is very true to my heart. I really feel like I have to be authentic and it’s okay to be vulnerable and cry if you need to and flub up and start over.”
-Michelle Wozniak
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Richard“Johnnie, I greatly appreciated your class.

I felt that before I took your class that I had something important that I needed to share with the world and speaking as always been hard for me.

I would try to prepare talks and get all nervous and forget things and all of that and going through your classes has been wonderful.”

Watch Richard on YouTube

Lucienne Musa“I always wanted to hide.
I think that was what I always wanted to do. If you told me I have to do a formal speech I would find any excuse I would find a reason not to do it.It limited my career, It limited of me progressing… it limited for me find a better job of moving up to the next level in my profession.

Now, Oh my gosh, I learned so much it is so hard to decide what I want to talk about but I believe that you have empowered me. Maybe believe in myself that I can stand in front of the room in a formal room, in a formal format and be able to deliver my speech.”

-Lucianne Musa

Audrey“Before your class I was an uncertain speaker.Sometimes losing train of thought, sometimes not being able to trust my voice completely. After your course I now feel the subject matter comes to me easily and my voice is strong and I feel very centered and very grounded and I want to thank you again for your class.”

-Audrey Goode

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Joyce Stewart“Hi, my name is Joyce Stewart and I just finished taking Johnnie Urban’s Authentic Public Speaking course.
This is actually the first public speaking course I’ve ever taken in my life so I really did not know what I was getting into but I’m very thankful that I came because some of the helpful things that Johnnie was able to teach me was…

  • What is a speech?”
  • What are the different parts of a speech?
  • What is the order you put them in?
  • Why do you need these different parts and how to really put together a very polished professional speech?

So, I just want to thank Johnnie for everything that you taught me today and I would recommend this class especially to those that maybe you’ve never had any background or understanding of public speaking.”

-Joyce Stewart, Author- Interconnected By God
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Jon“I got so much positive feedback from everyone I think I was willing to take some risks I might not otherwise have taken. So it’s left me in a place where I think I’m a better communicator and that’s so important to me in different aspects of my life both professional and personally, thank you, Johnnie, so much.”

Online Course Details

Each module you will learn how to:
  • Generate unlimited qualified HOT leads
  • Grow your business every time you speak
  • Identify the ONE Question to ask when networking
  • Understand your uniqueness is GOLD for your success
  • Learn what todays audiences REALLY want from a speaker
  • Identify the most important story every entrepreneur needs
  • Create your signature talk that converts
  • Create sizzling speech titles
  • Step onto the stage with your unique power

This online course will include Step-by-Step Heart Centered, Sensitive Instruction, preparation and practice of your elevator speech and a signature presentation that will include:

  • Overcome your fear of public speaking
  • Easily eliminate those pesky filler words, Ah, Um, So, And, Ok
  • Finding your intuitive and authentic voice
  • Proper breathing techniques
  • Develop a persuasive speech and powerful speaking skills.
  • Learning and receiving loving, sensitive yet effective feedback
  • Natural and effective body language, How to stand and move on stage, What to do with your hands
  • What to wear, what not to wear
  • Selling a talk to a business or organization
  • Experience building rapport and energetically connecting with your audience

Speech That Converts

Launch Date:  Spring 2018

Would you like to be part of the launch with special pricing?

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iPhoto LibraryI hope you enjoyed seeing how my programs have helped people from all walks of life.

I look forward to meeting you and being part of making your life wonderful.

Johnnie Urban
Wonderful Life Learning, Authentic Public Speaking

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