AWAKE to the Wonderful Life that I live now. 

That’s the best way I can explain who I am today. I say “today” because I believe that life is a journey and that every day we learn new things and shift towards what we desire.

I don’t know where I’m going to be tomorrow or even next year. I have thoughts and desires and will move towards what I feel is right for me and the people I am meant to serve. But I also know that God has a plan. And if I want to hear God laugh, I tell him my plans.

For the curious, my name Johnnie Marie was given to me at birth. I was named after a girlfriend of my mothers that had helped her in school. I feel blessed that that her helping energetic nature was transferred to me. My maiden name is McClelland, very Irish with luck running through my veins. BTW, I do not like green beer.

After 2 learning marriages I am now married (since 2010 at the time of this writing) to the man of my dreams. Michael and JohnnieMichael and I have a precious little Shitzpoo (yes, that’s a breed) dog name Shadow and a Shitzu named Shuzy. I have 3 amazing, happy, productive adult children and 4 equally amazing grandchildren. One of which is a mini me.

I love to write Blogs that are designed to teach, inspire, and motivate about life and the Highly Sensitive Persons success. I am not a trained writer but have the desire to share ideas and learnings from my own past success’s and what shows up daily. I promise you that no words are harmed but grammar and punctuation may take a hit.

Even though I feel I’ve arrived at a wonderful place in life I still have an insane level of the need to learn, grow and contribute with love and connection to those that I am meant to serve.

Every day I say a prayer, “Please Lord set before me the people that need me and also the people that I need to learn from.”  Sometimes both requests are answered in the same person.

This prayer came about from my quest, years ago, of learning how to receive from and how to contribute to those people who God knows will hear his message through me. It has been and continues to be a humbling and blessed gift.

In my self awareness journey I have come to understand that I am intuitive and empathic by nature and am highly sensitive to sights, sounds, movements, and energies. Just in the last year I have embraced my abilities as BEING who I am, realizing that it is not a hindrance but it is something that I’m supposed to BE to be able to help others. Acceptance and embracing this ability has also allowed me stop asking the questions, “Why am I different, and How come I don’t fit in?” And, “Isn’t everyone like this?”

I have come to understand that there are NOT very many of us on the planet that have these natural abilities, According to Dr. Elaine Aron, author of The Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), there are only about 15-20 % of the total population are HSP’s. We are coded to be the artists, teachers, mentors and royal advisors to those that need us.

I have actually seen and felt the amazing light of Love, Grace, Joy and Glory through the eyes, souls and energy of others as they are reflection of God flowing through me. The first memory of this was as a young girl with my father. He had taken me fishing, one of his favorite things to do. When I caught my first fish I was so excited and when I looked up into his eyes we instantly connected with this light of pure joy, love and energy that could only come from God.

If you are a person still reading this page then we are probably coded to meet. And you also need to know that I am NOT one of those “bible thumping” Christians that will quote you verses from the bible to get people to see and know what I know. Since you’ve read this far I’m going to assume you could also read the bible too.

But I do know this- I was designed to LEAD people on the path that THEY are designed to go on.

Certifications and Education:

  • Dr. Elaine Aron – HSP Certified Coach
  • Robbins Madanes, Strategic Intervention Certified Coach
  • Saddleback Church, Certified Christian Counseling
  • Heather Dominick, Energy Rich Evolutionary Program
  • Robbins Research International, Mastery University
  • Robbins Research International, Leadership Academy
  • Eric Lofholm International, Sales Training-Gold Level
  • SRI, Steve Linder, Certified NLP, Time Techniques, Hypnosis
  • Transform Destiny, Certified Trainer &  Master NLP, Hypnosis and Life Success Coach
  • Alison Armstrong, PAX Program, Understand Men-Celebrate Women
  • Fullerton College Cosmetology Educator program
  • Educator Farouk Systems
  • Educator MB Concepts Hair Extensions
  • Associate of Arts degree – Management

If you feel we are a good fit – ask yourself these questions;

Am I tired of living my life the way everyone expects me to?

Am I feeling confused & want more answers that make sense to me?

Do I feel my emotions and circumstances are controlling me?

Do I want change, but I don’t know what that looks like, or how to start?

Am I going through an emotional period?

What has to happen for me to be living a thriving life of health, wealth and happiness?

For more information about how I can help you navigate your overwhelming, crazy, chaotic world, please visit my Programs page.

“You are the light of the world…Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven.”  Mathew 5:14-16