Here’s what some clients are saying:

Jason ChristopherIn October 2014, Johnnie’s contributions as a strategic interventionist were pivotal in enabling me to create patterns of abundance despite the financial nightmares in the wake of my left leg amputation.

She removed the scales from my eyes and lifted the indifference from my heart between my anger toward God and the relevance of my own life. To accept the unacceptable and embrace my vulnerability came as a result of Johnnie’s compassion, and her persistence toward the renewing of one’s mind.  During one weekend, her love and grace assisted me in the completion of my professional story, while strengthening and preparing me for service.

My weekend with her was indeed the most unforgettable, fulfilling experiences of my entire life.  Thank you Johnnie, I love you.

Eric PhilipsWow! Johnnie helped me to understand that my identity is not the illness I was labeled with years ago. With a busy schedule she helped me to reevaluate and reflect on my life. I am so excited to have found someone who understood my needs. I begin to understand I have a responsibility to embrace all of who I am and to live in harmony. Now have a new identity, one that gives me back my name and more importantly my Life! I embraced some favorable changes, which I believe enhanced my personal and professional identity as a Psychic. It’s like my life and all possibilities have been unlocked. Life is totally awesome and I am able to help many more people. I see that everything is now possible!” -Eric Phillips

Debbie HallgartenJohnnie is a very caring and sensitive human being. She truly relates to you as an individual person. Thus her work as a Life Coach and a hypnotherapist is to be commended. I have known Johnnie for about 7years. Over those years, I have observed her interacting with many different types of people. I have observed her in action, counseling her clients. As a coach, Johnnie, through mere conversation, would listen, observe, and offer advice on ways her clients could better their lives.Johnnie can’t help helping people better their lives. It is ingrained within her. I have full confidence and faith in Johnnie as a Life Coach.  She will competently and sensitively guide her clients to more fulfilling lives. Johnnie’s clients will live more enriched and successful lives just because Johnnie cares about them.” -Debbie Hallgarten

Robert and Sheena Ewing“Thank you Johnnie for all the big help in mine and my husband’s relationship.

Prior to our wedding day things seemed to be going down a road we didn’t want to walk.  Johnnie really helped us see where we both were coming from.  She helped us to understand each other and communicate in a very effective way that changed the course of history.

Thank you Johnnie for listening and caring so deeply that the very core of our problem showed up.All the fears that had stopped us from seeing the truth of our loving relationship vanished. Your guidance and teachings allowed us to move forward with skills and tools that we still use to this day. We are now happily married with our first baby on the way (any day now). You have truly been a blessing for us.” -Sheena Ewing, Robin’s Nest Events

Lenice Marshall“My name is Lenice Marshall, I have known Johnnie for quite some time now. Since I have known her my life has had some major positive changes, thanks to Johnnie!

I went to Johnnie with loads of problems and obstacles that put such a damper on my life. Johnnie being such a great listener and problem solver has helped me through it. She has helped me learn about myself. She has shown me my strengths and how to use them constructively and she has shown me how to cope with my weaknesses! One thing I find impressive is how Johnnie helps you find your own answers to your own problems. It really makes you think.

I have a wonderful daughter. Raising her during the teenage years have been pretty challenging. First of all communication was lacking as during her younger years, she told me everything. She started getting defiant. She would seem to get upset easily. I was very concerned for her and sad to say didn’t know how to handle the situation. Well thats when I spoke to Johnnie about her and with all of Johnnie’s help, she has brought me closer to my daughter. She has helped me to better understand her and to be a better listener. Now my daughter opens up to me. It has greatly improved our relationship.

Johnnie has given me some great advice when it comes to relationships. For the longest time I have had such a huge wall up discouraging me from getting into a relationship. Of course it all started with a relationship which failed. I would love to place the blame on him but I also realize I could be part of the blame as well. I tried to be a pleaser in the relationship but that didn’t work. Well sadly to say the relationship ended in heartbreak. I felt somewhat unsure of myself and really uncomfortable in meeting anyone.

Well now I’m dating again! And it is so different now, I’m having a lot more fun and choosing the kind of man I want to be with. With all this being said, I would recommend speaking with Johnnie, she has excellent people skills when it comes to relationships!!” :) -Lenice Marshall

Brian Matheny“My name is Brian Matheny, There was a time in my twenties, when I was experiencing a lot of depression, and I wasn’t sure why. I have known Johnnie for a long time, and one of my fondest memories is her listening to me, without judgment, at a time when no one in my family would.So I reached out to her again, and it was a decision I never regret. I had no idea just how much help I would get. I only expected to feel better, right then, but the healing that happened carried over to other areas of my life. One thing specifically she taught me, was how to let go of angerover people who have wronged me in my past, and that those people, as mean as they were, actually shaped me into the person I became today. I like myself, so I guess even though people have done cruel things to me, there is a silver lining.

The silver lining is that I was able to overcome these events, and still turn into a person I love. I don’t know that I would have known that without her help. I would probably have to read a bunch of psychology books to find that out. I am so glad I made that fateful call.

I will never forget her.” -Brian Matheny

Karen SullyThank you, Johnnie, for your insight, instinct and experience on the topic of human motivation and maximizing potential. It’s a fascinating and truly interesting topic of conversation. Not only can I use your tools in my own life, but I can also share what I learned with my children who are just now spreading their newly-found adult wings and embarking upon their careers in the real world of dog-eat-dog. This clearly is an area where motivation and reaching ones potential apply! I am excited to have new and different conversations with my kids about this.

Also of great value— you touched on several very poignant points on the relationship of parent and child, and the ever evolving nature of that relationship. I truly enjoyed and learned a lot from our short conversation. You are honest, engaging, and transparent with your own experiences, which adds a level of dimension to the conversation. And your passion for coaching makes the experience just that much better! Thank you, Johnnie. -Karen Sully

 27 Reasons to work with Johnnie;
the glowing praise, the rave reviews, the awesome testimonials

1 – Without Johnnie’s help, I would be not have the AMAZING life I have now, she help me in more ways than I can express! I love you Johnnie.

2 – I can’t say enough about how Johnnie helped me, thank you.

3 – You have INSPIRED me to never give up just because the times get tough!

4 – WOW, I didn’t know I was doing something that was hurtful.

5 – Johnnie has inspired me personally and professional to grow on a continual basis. Dedicated to bringing out the best in every person she encounters, what gift she brings to the world!

6 – I really, really, really, appreciate your help. You’re an ANGEL.

7 – I am now ENCOURAGED and MOTIVATED to be a blessing to others.

8 – I feel very inspired, very touched and very POWERFUL.

9 – I wanted to take the time to thank you for all your help. Through all our conversations, tears and revelations, I feel better about myself and my family.

10 – My life will never be the same. Thank you Johnnie

11 – I must once again thank you for your WONDERFUL program. I have had a few friends comment on how relaxed I look and feel. Even my husband is impressed.

12 – I could relate to what you were saying. Being a highly sensitive person myself, your message came across in a clear UNDERSTANDABLE way. Thanks for such a wonderful experience.

13 – Oh my GOD! I have tears running down my face! I didn’t know how destructive my behavior was and how it was hurting my family. Now I know why the universe told me to contact you. You are an angel.

14 – I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your red hair……

15 – I enjoyed what you shared and taught me about myself, you have a gift. As someone who has had struggled with my inner demons, it is nice to work with a true PROFESSIONAL and learn from you. Training is not all about learning, using it to help others the way you do is a BLESSING.

16 – You have made my heart smile more than you could possibly imagine.

17 – I have known and worked with Johnnie for almost 5 years. Her expertise on negative attitudes (and how to positively deal with them) and life as a highly sensitive person has really helped me over the years.

18 – You are So WONDERFUL…thank you!

19 – The wisdom you shared has wonderful meaning to me each day. I feel a sense of connection with myself and good thoughts resonate with me through out the day. I am so GRATEFUL to be a part of your community. Thank you so very much.

20 – You are providing very meaningful help! Indeed, it goes well beyond inspiration. Blessing to you

21 – I wish I meet you years ago. Your help have changed my life for the better.

22 – I have never meet anyone with your TALENTS. I am glad I did!

23 – Johnnie Urban is such a blessing for what she does. She gives love, understanding and encouragement to everyone that works with her.

24 – Johnnie helped to shaped me into the person I have become today.

25 – My life and all it’s possibilities have been unlocked. WOW

26 – I was afraid of getting into a new relationship. With Johnnie’s help, I have found the women of my dreams.

27 – You saved my marriage, you’re a GENIUS!

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