Have you ever found yourself so feeling deeply about something you burst into tears of joy? How about exhausted and overwhelmed being in a certain chaotic environment? What if you could learn that this was normal for a Highly Sensitive Person and that your traits are abilities, when nurtured, will expand your life beyond belief. 

“It does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble, or hard work. It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart.”

When I was growing up, I distinctly remember hating it whenever I heard someone else complaining about and judging someone. I always needed to defend the underdog and tell the judgers to just let them be who they are. It quickly became my motto, just let them BE!

Now I realize it was because when I heard or saw people treating others wrong, I felt it deeply within myself and I needed it to stop.

RollerCoaster - Highly Sensitive Person

Roller Coaster Ride

Learning to manage this “feeling deeply” trait of a Highly Sensitive Person has been a roller coaster ride for me. I’ve heard a great deal of advice from a lot of well-meaning people who practically drove me crazy. I always felt like they were telling me there was something wrong with me and THEY had the magic method that would fix it.

Feeling deeply, for a Highly Sensitive Person, is as natural as breathing air.

When feeling deeply is beautiful and expanding you will feel alive and authentic to your core. When it is gut wrenching, torture, and exhausting is when we want the madness to stop. I am here to tell you that you have a choice of doing what works best for you.
Yes, being a  Highly Sensitive Person will be the cause of tears while experiencing a beautiful song that moves you, or a work of art, or a flower in your garden. It will also cause you to stop an injustice, help someone get out of their pain, or build a successful business that employs people and contributes to the community.

A piece of who they are

If someone were to ask a Highly Sensitive Person to stop feeling deeply as a way to protect themselves, then they are also asking them to give up a piece of who they are. Will there be times that you will feel overwhelmed with emotion when it’s not convenient? Absolutely! That is when you will need to use some useful techniques that I have developed and taught many Highly Sensitive People over the years.

Of everything that you will read and learn and in your own personal experiences about Highly Sensitive People there is one thing that’s really important for you to know. We may fit into the description of being a Highly Sensitive Person, but we are all uniquely different. As unique as our fingerprints. Even identical twins have their own unique attributes.

IMG_2180 - Highly Sensitive Person

Back when I was a child, I wished that there was someone I could have spoken to about this stuff. I was so confused, alone, and unsure about what I was experiencing in my life every moment of every day. That is exactly why I have taken my coaching, teaching passion and experiences into helping people like you that are still looking for the answers to your Highly Sensitive challenges.Tapping into my Highly Sensitive traits and experiences as an ability makes me a unique coach for people like you.
I chose as the title of my book, Stop The Madness, How the Highly Sensitive Person Can Thrive In A Chaotic World, because there are so many Highly Sensitive People out there in the world that are suffering from overwhelm, exhaustion, and the crazy-making of other people.

Beautiful Talented People

These are beautifully talented people that are hiding, not using their gifts and abilities because the very thought of possibly being overwhelmed is terrifying and exhausting.

Did you know that Highly Sensitive People are designed to be giving? If we are not giving our love, joy, happiness, and heartfelt gratefulness, then we are only existing, not thriving. And because a Highly Sensitive Person is so attuned to what is working and not working, we will feel guilt and shame if we are not contributing.

This is an example of what Highly Sensitive People will learn about  their  traits and abilities and how they can be a challenge and a blessing.
You will also learn how to transform your emotional and physical pain into a new, wonderful You that contributes to your relationships, community, and even the world.

It’s your life, let’s make it wonderful.

LR half body treesRev. Johnnie Marie Urban is an Author, Speaker, Workshop facilitator.

Founder of Wonderful Life Learning Co. a Christian based Life Success Coaching & Consulting Company specializing in teaching the Highly Sensitive People how to thrive in the chaotic world.

This is where people come to uncover and explore what their HSP talents and abilities are so that you can have a fulfilled life without the worries of exhaustion and overwhelm.

Certified Strategic Interventionist, Master Life & Business Success Coach, MNLP, MHt. MTT. Christian counselor, Wife, Mother, Grandma, friend and a Highly Sensitive Person.


Email: Johnnie@everythinghsp.com

Her book, “Stop The Madness” is on Amazon.com

Stop The Madness Book

I realize that you haven’t heard from me in a while and want to let you know that all is good.

I’ve just been super busy in my research and development of programs and workshops designed to help all of you Highly Sensitive People out there.

One of the trips I took recently, in early October, 2015 was to actually meet and work with Dr. Elaine Aron at an equine (horse) center. Not an easy task for me as I am respectfully afraid of these beautiful creatures.

This three day program was specifically designed for us to learn about ourselves through these highly sensitive animals.

I really wanted to write about the experience as soon as I arrived home but I have found that I am still processing the experience.

Deep processing is what we are best at, isn’t it?


So until I can sit down and write something coherent about the learnings I received from this experience I want to share with you an article from Dr. Elaine Aron.

I wanted to share this particular article with you because there are so many people out there that seem to be targeting HSP as if we are the “hot topic“ right now.

Trying to get us to sign up with them for a product or service that is supposed to help us and yet they have no clue what we are about. They have’t done the homework to completely know what our needs are. I work hard everyday studying our traits and abilities to not only understand myself better but to support the decision I made to dedicate the rest of my life teaching HSP’s how they too can thrive in the chaotic world.

(As I wrote this I want you to be aware that I just completed the requirements to be certified and added to Elaine Aron’s website as being an expert coach with Highly Sensitive People.)

Blessings and happy reading,

Johnnie Urban
The Sensitive Coach

Let the HSP Beware: “What about All those Websites?”

May 2011, Dr. Elaine Aron

From time to time, someone asks me what I think about all the websites and chat rooms, writers and professionals, all focusing on HSPs. I’m usually asked in a tone that implies I must disapprove of some of them. Actually, I do not keep track much–it saves me from worrying about what I can’t change. I remember my agent wanting me to trademark “Highly Sensitive Person” so that I could control its use, but it’s a scientific term, not a product. Nor is it possible to police something like this. It simply must blossom in all of its various ways.
Happily, I know that many people are doing wonderful things. I also know that, of course, a few people use the idea in ways I would not, say things about the trait that lack scientific basis (or that even contradicts the research), and associate it with things I’d rather it not be associated with, but that’s what happens with a useful concept having broad application. True, I particularly worry when people are trying to counsel people without professional training or sell products as if all HSPs need those things. However, I’m pretty fussy.
The alternative would be to pass judgment on people–to “certify” some and reject others. It seems like a terrible role to place myself in. Even if someone is listed on my own website, it does not mean they are officially sanctified by me! They are just there. Alas, my refusal to direct traffic in our HSP world means that some of you will be misled at times, perhaps seriously, or waste your money. On the other hand, I will not be directing you away from people who might be good for you personally. So I have followed a mentor’s advice, “Let the marketplace take care of it.” That means that you will have to be discerning instead of me. If you find you made a mistake in trusting something, please pass that on to others, speaking as objectively and specifically as you can, and preferably without making global judgments of character! Do the same when something does work for you.

Above all, retain a skeptical, “scientific,” wait-and-see attitude, in all things. I find that we HSPs tend to be trusting, or at least very open-minded, especially when someone mentions “HSP.” Given our trait, we ought to be more careful than others in making our decisions, and I think we are, in general. But we are enthusiastic about all things “HSP,” of course. Further, if you are one of those who have been seriously misused in the past, it is possible to reenact that again and again.

So have a dash of skepticism. One very thoughtful sensitive man told me that he equated being highly sensitive with being a good person. Oh dear. It’s never that simple. We all have our histories, resulting in us all having our “shadow side.”

Maybe take the attitude that every product and service has a weakness, because nothing can do everything and most things have unwanted side effects. For example, allopathic medicine is not perfect and neither is any alternative approach. Until we know a thing’s shortcomings as well as its strengths, we really do not know it enough to invest very much in it. With people, until you have a sense of their shadow side, you can be warm, but you do not know them well enough to commit yourself fully. This bit of caution saves your own feelings, and saves you having to hurt their feelings later.

In short, as Confucius would probably say, “Be thoughtfully, respectfully careful in all matters new to you.”