The Importance of Nutrition and Wellness

If you are a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) then you are also more aware of when your body is not comfortable. Since HSP are more sensitive to  being uncomfortable and feeling physical pain than most people we work at being the most comfortable that we can be in every environment. Therefore, it is important to look at our health and wellness as a way to avoid over-stimulation, exhaustion and physical pain.

*Stick to simple foods that have a healthy balance is essential.
*Get the supplemental nutrients, our food no longer provides what we need.
*Connect to nature.
*Do regular exercise, relaxation, meditation and any other activities that go with your nature to calm yourself down and recharge after the over stimulation.


Being a HSP does not automatically mean you will experience the physical challenges and pain that some of us do. But if you do it’s just a wake up call to pay attention and do something, NOW.

My back finally said enough is enough.

In December 2010, about 6 months after marrying Michael, we went to a local amusement park and rode every ride like little kids. Two days later I was cranky and in pain but didn’t know what was about to happen would change my life forever. The pain got progressively worse until I literally couldn’t  move. I had to be carried to the car and when I got to the Dr.’s I had to be carried in. The X-ray made me cry even more. Apparently the curve in my spine  had gotten progressively worse over the years to the point that it is now moderate scoliosis.

It was no picnic in the park. Because of the compressed disc and pinched nerve I needed to get spinal decompression several times a week for a couple of months. But that was far better than surgery.
Fast forward 2 years later. Even though my back had healed I still had to be very careful to not do too much. I wore a brace to work and needed to rest a lot. I think the whole episode triggered my High Sensitivity over the top.

Things were at a point that I thought I was going crazy. I was beginning to forget the simplest things and was having vertigo episodes so frequently that I couldn’t walk across the room with holding onto furniture.
Low and behold not only was my thyroid out of whack but my adrenal system had also gone into overdrive. Apparently when my back went out my whole system went into shock. My adrenal system went into fight or flight mode and had forgotten how to shut off.

All of this affected my thyroid and digestive system. There were also a whole list of other stuff going on that attributed to my vertigo that I won’t go into here.

Unchecked Emotional Pressure?

It’s now a little bit over four years after my back did a total blow out. And I do wonder, at times, if the Highly Sensitive emotional stress I experience  has anything to do with my scoliosis getting worse.
Was my unchecked emotional pressure causing a physical pressure that in turn caused my spinal structure to curve enough to have a total collapse?
It’s hard to equate that. All I know is that I got to a place in life where I decided that I MUST change and get control of my High Sensitivity  because what I was doing, up until then, was not working.

I know deep in my heart and soul that God has a plan for all of us. His plan for me is to show others who are in pain, emotional and physical, how they cannot just exist but thrive in our chaotic world. I can only  believe that He wanted me to learn first hand so that I could congruently serve others.

Hectic Lifestyle

Our hectic lifestyle can become a health risk especially for a HSP. What may be a normal day for most people will overwhelm most HSP.  In some careers, jobs and even academic communities there is a huge social demand to perform and succeed at the highest level.

Then there is social media, TV, movies, sports activities, and anything else that pushes and pulls at us to do more and more.
I will always be secretly and eternally grateful when my young boys decided that they did not want to play after school sports like their friends.

Life Like A Hermit?

Unless you decide to live the life of a hermit you will experience some stress in your life that could potentially cause health issues.

The food that is available to us to eat is especially troublesome. More and more GMO food is getting into our food supply and causing havoc with our health. My husband and I just saw a documentary on Netflix, “GMO OMG” that questioned that very issue. HSP’s bodies are especially vulnerable to the effects of toxins and pesticides.

Be Your Own Health Advocate

The reason I told you this story was for you to understand how important it is to listen to your body and keep searching for the specific help you need for whatever health issues you may have. Don’t let anyone tell your Highly Sensitive side of you that you’re crazy for what you know is true. We are so fortunate to have an abundance of choices in the medical field today whether it’s natural or not you owe it to your self to have an amazing pain free healthy life.

Its important to stay grounded by:

*Get a lot of sleep (eight hours minimum, sometimes more)
*Exercise daily, preferably outside, to calm your nervous system and clear your mind.
*Eat healthy food.
*During your quiet alone time read books, listen to soothing music, and do journal writing.
*Whenever you need to be alone, find a quiet place where you can be alone.
*Invest time and energy only in friendships that are good for you. People who accept you for who you are and support you in the way that you live.


Stop The Distraction Madness

Now is the time to take stock of your own health and wellness. Most of us HSP will keep ourselves busy, take a some kind of a drug, eat when you’re not hungry or have too many glass’s of wine to distract us from what we are feeling, be it emotional or physical pain.

I urge you to take a moment of really getting real with yourself, right now, and say ENOUGH. “I will no longer tolerate the low standards I have for my health and well being. I am worth it to be the very best version of myself so that I can live a life that is wonderful.”

Get Help – Address your life challenges and heal the emotional stuff that causes you pain. Your body and your life will thank you.

Sign up to get your Complimentary Stop The Madness Session here, [CLICK HERE]

I’m going to end with saying that today I feel really emotionally and physically healthy  for the first time in over 5 years.
Yes, I will need to work at it daily – But I think I’m worth it

Blessings and Yours Truly,

Johnnie Urban

Strategic Interventionist
Coaching Highly Sensitive People How To Thrive In A Chaotic World

Feminine Energy vs Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)

The other day I was eating lunch with some friends at an event.
Most of my friends are open to new progressive ideas and are educated in human psychology. Like me they are always curious about life experiences and are what we call life long learners.
As we were joyfully sharing what we were up to lately I opened up with the concept of writing a book to address the challenges highly sensitive people in today’s world.

Being curious they wanted to know more about what was a Highly Sensitive Person. I suspect that they wanted to know if they were Highly Sensitive. In the middle of my explanation of the traits and abilities of what an HSP has I was suddenly stopped, by one of my friends, and asked “Isn’t that just feminine energy?”

This is not the first time I have been asked that. It seems whenever I am talking to someone that is not Highly Sensitive they just don’t get it.

If the term feminine energy is new to you then I have some good news for you. I’m going to share with you, to the best of my ability what it is and how it differs from being an HSP.


Everyone has both a masculine and a feminine side. For the purpose of this chapter I am leaving out the masculine explanation because I will only be comparing feminine energy and begin a Highly Sensitive Person at this time.
Being a HSP is not exclusive to women. There are just as many men that are born with the traits as there are women. But society dictates men are not supposed to possess the traits and women are. Both will suffer and be confused by this stereotyping.

As in most things there are varying degrees of feminine energy depending on the individual person, the culture they are living in, how they where raised as a child and your hormones.
The feminine side is based on a deep level of the value that you place on others. If you have a strong feminine side and place a high value on others, you are often giving and unselfish. You usually know what is good for people, and you tend to operate in ways that helps others, get what they want out of life. People feel comfortable around you because you give of who you are without pushing yourself on others.
Conversely if you have a weak feminine side, you place a low value on others, and you are not a giving person. You are isolated because you don’t want to share yourself or share anything you have. Also, you don’t take responsibility for actions and place blame on others for your problems.
A strong feminine energy often behaves in ways that are considered feminine in nature. You will do things that are giving and unselfish. This includes recognizing people’s basic human rights and allowing them live their life without interfering with those rights. Allowing people their basic rights includes letting them control their own life, letting them choose what they want to believe without being manipulated by you. The feminine side also includes having an enthusiasm and zest for life, and recognizing what things are worth getting enthusiastic about. It also includes being kind, compassionate, patient and responsive to the needs of others, and it includes the ability to limit the amount go energy you put into helping people, to keep from hurting yourself or draining your own energy.

There is a gathering aspect to feminine energy. Going back to the cavemen days where the hunters (men) went out with their physical strength, spears, knives and arrows to hunt for food and protect the family. The women, and weak men and children, would stay close to the cave and gather food from the ground, bushes and trees. They had to remember the details of where to find non-poisonous berries and clean water. They would stay close together to protect each other from a pouncing tiger or lion.
These are the basic needs for survival even to this day. Feminine energy today is still about gathering and staying together for survival and protection. It’s just looks a little bit different. In today’s world we see survival as being accepted into the group. We will gather together for lunch and give kind words and support even if we don’t mean it. Even go the restroom together.
An all important thing that happy and healthy feminine energy gathers and shares are details. Details about a person, a dress, a pair of shoes, who was at the party or a trip and when the time is right she will share it until your ears fall off.

Now let’s go back and do some comparing to the HSP and connect the dots.

1. Emotionally immature
2. Self-centered
3. Unpredictable and unstable emotions
4. Over-dependent
5. Demanding and attention thirsty

1. Have great imagination
2. Have great intellectual abilities
3. Are creative
4. Have a curious mind
5. Are hard workers
6. Are good problem solvers
7. Are extremely conscious and compassionate
8. Are intuitive, caring and spiritual
9. Have a strong sense of aesthetic awareness
10. Respect nature, art and music greatly
11. Have profound and intense sensations
12. Can access important information from the unconscious mind
13. Have a depth of understanding and feelings
14. Are objective and can see the bigger picture

A Highly Sensitive Person has similar traits to feminine energy when it comes to being conscious, caring and compassionate. There is also a correlation to having a strong sense of aesthetic awareness (shoes and outfit matching), and can access important information from the unconscious mind (intuition). Other than that there is not much else in common.

Your comments or questions are always appreciated. :)

Johnnie Urban