Do you make a point of avoiding violent movies and TV shows especially late at night?

Do you ever have a overwhelming desire to crawl into a ball in a dark corner and cover yourself with a blanket shutting off the world?

Are you asking yourself deep thought provoking questions?

Welcome to Everything HSP

Coaching the Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) How To Thrive In Your World

Do you know what drives your everyday decisions?

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My name is Johnnie Urban, Strategic Interventionist, Life Coach and I have the traits and abilities of a Highly Sensitive Person HSP.

As a highly sensitive person myself I completely understand exactly what is going on with you and can coach and mentor with empathy, heart, compassion and direction in getting you past what is stopping you from living your life with joy, peace and light.

If you are that unique person that is having specific daily challenges of overwhelm, confusion, chaos and crisis in their personal and work environment, then this is the program to guide you through it all.

If you find that some of the question above ring true you are highly sensitive and I’d like you to know the following:

Your Highly Sensitive Person HSP trait is normal, you were born with it. It is found in 15 to 20% of the population-too many to be a disorder, but not enough to be well understood by the majority of those around you.

It is innate. In fact, biologists have found it in over 100 species (and probably there are many more) from fruit flies, birds, and fish to dogs, cats, horses, and primates. This trait reflects a certain type of survival strategy, being observant before acting. The brains of a Highly Sensitive Person HSP actually works a little differently than others’.

You are more aware than others of subtleties. This is mainly because your brain processes information and reflects on it more deeply. So even if you wear glasses, for example, you see more than others by noticing more.

You are also more easily overwhelmed. If you notice everything, you are naturally going to be overstimulated when things are too intense, complex, chaotic, or novel for a long time.

This trait is not a new discovery, but it has been misunderstood. Because a Highly Sensitive Person HSP prefers to look before entering new situations, they are often called “shy.” But shyness is learned, not innate. In fact, 30% of the Highly Sensitive Persons HSPs are extroverts, although the trait is often mislabeled as introversion. It has also been called inhibitedness, fearfulness, or neuroticism. Some Highly Sensitive Persons HSPs behave in these ways, but it is not innate to do so and not the basic trait.

Sensitivity is valued differently in different cultures. In cultures where it is not valued, a Highly Sensitive Person HSP tends to have low self-esteem. They are told “don’t be so sensitive” so that they feel abnormal.

I am here to help you navigate your over stimulated, crazy, chaotic world so that you and everyone around you will support your success.

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I want to thank and acknowledge Elaine Aron Ph.D. who began researching the Highly Sensitive Person HSP in 1991 and continues to do research on it now, also calling it Sensory-Processing Sensitivity (SPS, the trait’s scientific term).